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Turn off the boot splash screen

How to turn off the boot splash screen in Kubuntu, Ubuntu

This has been a moving target over the years. It seems every other time i install a new Kubuntu version, i have to chase down how to do this.

While the Kubuntu boot up eye candy is pretty, i tend to prefer the quickly scrolling by text. It allows me to see what's going on.

It seems in versions prior to 9.10 replacing "quiet splash" with "nosplash" did the trick.

Until 11.04 simply removing "quiet splash" from /etc/default/grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT did the trick. Having "nosplash" fouled things up.

Now with 11.04 the game has changed again. In addition to removing the above mentioned "quiet splash" i have to uncomment


followed by

sudo update-grub

It took me a couple of hours of head banging to figure this out, hence my note to potentially save other people's foreheads.


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