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Various other items.

Page Websites i created
These are some web sites i've done.
Folder My Resumè
My resumé as of July 2014.
Folder Quieter PC
A quieter Computer. My pursuit of no fan noise or hard drive hum.
Folder Drill Press Laser Pointer
What happens when you add a $40 Laser and $10 helping hands to a drill press?
Folder USBTenki-mux
16 MCP9803 temperature sensors on 1 USB port
Folder Breadboard Surfboards
Little SMT and other surfboards for your breadboarding endeavors
Folder Gkrellm Theme
Product of one weekend when i was redecorating my laptop
Page Einzelhaft
Warum ich 32 Jahre meines Lebens in Einzelhaft verbracht habe, und es voraussichtlich auch die nächsten 30 tun muss.
Page Loneliness
Why I have spent 32 years of my life in solitary confinement and probably will have to do so for the next 30.
File drraw-2.2b2.tar.gz
A local copy since no longer works.
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