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Cheat Sheets

A bunch of mini docs.

Page HTTP Meta Tags
A collection of meta tags that go into html - head sections
Page Bash Command Line Examples
After having spent years on unix systems, shell scripting still continues to elude me. Hence these reminders.
Page Certificate Management
These instructions are snippets covering setting up and basic management of SSL certificates on a FreeBSD system.
Page OpnePGP Key Management
Little snippets for creating and managing OpenPGP keys.
Page Sendmail Hacks
Things i need to do with sendmail at work that i keep forgetting.
Page Linux Directory Quota
Quick and dirty Linux directory quota.
Page S/MIME Key Management
Little snippets for creating and managing S/MIME keys using gnupg.
Folder Rebuilding Kubuntu Packages
Another one of those thing i don't do enough to remember. I could also call this article "Getting the iPod Nano 4G to work on Kubuntu Gutsy"
Folder Video Encoding
Everything i always wanted to remember about ffmpeg, dvdrip and transcode, but was afraid to retain.
Page Linux RAM Disk
Howto setup a ram disk on linux
Page VMware Migration
Or how i got rid of "switchroot: mount failed: 22"
Page Unix Serial Howto
A quick Linux and FreeBSD serial howto that includes some VMware tips.
Page Java Snippets
Little tidbits of things Java
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