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Various papers on things.

Folder OpenVPN
A quick HOWTO on setting up OpenVPN on a FreeBSD server and Kubuntu Linux client.
Page Shrinking ibdata
After doing some high performance MySQL work, i found that my big databases increased the size of ibdata (expected), but dropping the databases did not reduce ibdata again (oh?).
Page Home Directories over NFS
Something simple that turned out to be PITA at first.
Page FreeBSD Software RAID Howto
How to setup disk partitions, labels and software raid on FreeBSD systems.
Page HL-4040-CN on Kubuntu Gutsy
A tale of how i got our new Brother printer to play nice with our Linux boxes.
Page Remote Crypto FS
How to safely store data on untrusted systems.
Page wvdialer configs
wvdialer configs for and
Page Turn off the boot splash screen
How to turn off the boot splash screen in Kubuntu, Ubuntu
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