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Breadboard Surfboards

Little SMT and other surfboards for your breadboarding endeavors


This page is a collection of prototyping surfboards i made, to aid me with my little projects. Hoping that they might be useful to someone else, i decided to post them here.

Each board has 300 DPI toner transfer images, some photos and the EagleCAD source files. They are licensed AFL, so do as you will with them.

Please excuse the photo quality, i haven't been able to get the lighting right even though it seems i have plenty of it in the garage.

Sample Usage

Below is a sample. It originally started out testing Objective Developments V-USB driver, then morphed into experimenting with shaft encoders to drive steppers and now drives the DAC. Fun!


I never made a surfboard for the shaft encoder. Too lazy :P


2x3 to 1x6

I use this one for programming the micro controller.


bottomView   topView

I made the label in case the toner transfer went bad. The borders on the images are for matching up the top and bottom.


bottom   top   labels

Download the full size versions in the archive.


USB Type B

 This is the USB Type-B board.

bottomView   topView

The top toner transfer has the USB pin labels because i keep mixing them up. It's possible to do just the bottom side and solder the standoffs the other way, too.


top   bottom

As toner transfers go bad sometimes i resorted to the label.


You can get an archive with all the files here.


USB Type A

 Here are some pictures

topView   bottomView


Top and bottom, again the top is optional.


top   bottom


You can download the files here.



This was a one of i made for testing a MAX1498 ADC/LED driver chip, but it should be useful for anyone wanting to test with this form factor.





The top and optional paper label.





The archive is here.



This one came out of the Airborne USB charger project. (More on this some other time)


topView   sideView   bottomView


 This one is also single sided. This is the top.




As usual here's the archive.



 This one was needed for the usbtenki-mux project.


view   top

Here's the archive.


Small 3x SMT

This is a little 3 legged SMT surf board usable for anything that fits and has less than 4 contacts.


sideView   top


Files are here.


Mid 3x SMT

This is the same 3 legged board as above, but a little wider.


view   top



Get the files here.


Big 3x SMT

This is the big brother of the above boards.


topView   view



The latter image is for making a bunch of these.


top   multiple



Get yours here.




I made this one for testing little steppers. I was lazy and made it one sided so the pins are soldered on the bottom.


board   sideView





The Files!



I will obviously not be held responsible for any damages that might arise out of using these plans. Though if there are errors, i would like to be made aware of them, so i can address them instead of spreading them.





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