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Welcome to Schmut


This is the site of Mario Theodoridis.

It is a collection of Software projects, various little Cheat-sheets as well as other HOWTOs that came out of my experiences and seemed potentially useful to others.


Latest Projects

I finally got around to making a compilation of all my CNC footage from last year. Here i present my second movie DIY CNC Take 2 on Vimeo.


Made my first Gkrellm Theme.

Finally got around to posting last years USBTenki-mux project.

Just reaquainted myself with Plone. Schmut now uses Plone 3.2.2 and features the ability to leave comments, an RSS2 feed, the Twitter insert and some Google text ads, we'll see how these go. I left the look alone for now as i wanted to get this out sometime this year.


Finally figured out how to encode video so that it plays on my BlackBerry Storm.


The drill press laser pointer is a bit older but seems to receive some fresh views at Instructables.


Got tired of having to manually calculate resistor networks, just to come up with a value that i didn't have on hand. Read on....


Don't you just hate it when your DSL line drops temporarily and your DSL modem then hangs until you powercycle it? Add to that, that you might be on vacation thousands of miles away for a few weeks. Well, i did, and this was my answer to the problem.


Running your own web services is fun, but the noise gets old. In an attempt to curb the noise level these little puppies put out, i went through quite a bit of an effort. More on this here




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